Wire E.D.M.

CNC MedCom has the latest Japanese technology in wire electrical discharge machining (E.D.M). Our large E.D.M allows us to complete complex components in house, which reduces lead times and part costs, and eliminates the possibility of external errors in the manufacturing process. Our multi-axis E.D.M is equipped with wire guides as small as 0.1mm in diameter, and also has taper cutting capabilities.

What makes CNC MedCom’s E.D.M capabilities stand out from the rest?

By pairing our E.D.M with the 400x magnification contact/non-contact coordinate measuring machine, we can not only cut precision components, but we can also provide full C.M.M reports, ensuring that the components conform to your specifications.

We also have internal processes to wet blast, dry blast or tumble, along with ultrasonic cleaning, ensuring that parts are clean, burr and oxidisation free.